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Happy Thursday!

1) Just popping in to let you know that I was asked to be on The Nest’s expert panel on Organizing. They are running a “100 Days of Organization” series on their blog and are featuring tips from bloggers including myself. I was actually quite honoured to be asked when I saw the other bloggers on the panel.

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They featured my daughter’s bookcase already and will show other areas of the house that I have organized as well.  Nothing like a blog feature to get things done! You can follow along here.

2) Also, if you live in the Toronto area, pick up a copy of Reno & Decor as a bedroom I designed is featured. Although the magazine is in limited supply at Indigo/Chapters, they are available free at select Rona stores.

Reno and Decor

Thanks Reno & Decor for featuring my work!

3) Apartment Therapy is having their annual Homie awards for the best blogs out there. Someone (maybe my friend Cecilia who always nominates me?) nominated me again this year in the Best Home Design and Inspiration blog category. 

I don’t have a chance of winning but it’s nice to be on the list. If you have loved reading my blog, then feel free to go here and vote for me. Scroll down until you see Decor Happy – I currently have 11 votes so I will be somewhere around there. Voting ends tomorrow (Feb 8) at midnight.  Thanks so much! (If you don’t have an Apartment Therapy account, all you have to do is provide an email address. You won’t be deluged with emails or anything – promise!)

Enjoy the rest of the week and thanks again!

If you need design help, contact me at vanessa(at)


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    So exciting about the Reno & Decor feature! Congratulations! As Lisa commented, it’s great to see your talent and hard work recognized.

    The Homies! You are currently hovering at 22 votes. I must confess! I DID nominate you last year, but did not this year! I did vote for Decor Happy, though! You have some other special fan out there!! Thank you for nominating me, and mostly for your friendship (so grateful for that!)

    Let’s see Decor Happy hover around Emily Henderson’s votes!

    • says

      You are the sweetest Cecilia! I’m glad to know you too! So, it wasn’t you – I didn’t think so because you would have told me! Thanks for the vote – 22 is a lot more than the 2 or 3 I had last year! And Emily is in a league of her own.

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    Love to see your work featured in Reno & Decor! Congratulations. I agree with Lisa…it’s so nice that your hard work and talent is recognized!

    The Homies! While I DID nominate Decor Happy last year, I must confess, I did not nominate you this year….Decor Happy was already on the list. I did VOTE for you, because your blog has been and continues to be a place of great information and inspiration! You are now hovering around 22 votes! It’ll be nice if you can hover just under Emily Henderson’s blog!

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